About Econoliser® Ltd Knife Sterilizer

Knife Sterilizer Hygiene by design

The meat processing industry is under ever-increasing pressures to reduce its water and energy consumption while extending the shelf-life of its products.
Econoliser®technology has been developed to meet these challenges. Our knife sterilizer delivers massive savings in water and energy costs for our customers while setting new standards of hygiene.


Econoliser® technology was born in 2011 when our engineers took a fresh look at knife sterilizer design. They decided that the water bath method of sterilisation could never be efficient enough to satisfy the demands of the industry, so they began to look at new ways to sanitise knives. Soon they set about designing a prototype spray steriliser.
In February of 2012 our first knife sterilizer customer took delivery of ten Econoliser® basic knife spray steriliser units.

2013 saw development of a knife sterilizer which included an internal 240V water heater with thermostatic control. The first production units were delivered in December of that year.

In 2014 our designers expanded the Econoliser range to include sterilisation units for other meat processing tools such as the hock cutter, brisket saw and others.

We continually expand our line-up and improve our products.

Here at Econoliser Ltd we are very proud to present to you the Econoliser range of sterilisers…