Read how one client saved over £110k in their first year using ECONOLISER – our water saving technology

A student within the company conducted a 2 year project to track water and energy consumption before and after the installation of ECONOLISER technology.  It was found that the ECONOLISERs generated cost savings of £110k in the first year – savings that have continued over subsequent years.

The customer saw these savings materialise through reduced water usage, reduced energy usage and reduced effluent costs.

The ECONOLISER knife sterilizer is the worlds’ first twin knife sterilizer that has been designed from the outset to efficiently sterilize the knives used in abattoirs and meat plants but at the same time use the absolute minimum amount of 82 deg C water.

Each knife sterilization cycle uses just 120ml of hot water which means a massive saving in both water consumption and the treatment of it before it leaves the plant, but more importantly, a huge saving in the cost of the energy to heat the water.

Because the knife sterilizer produces so little steam, contaminated condensation on the meat is virtually eliminated.  The ECONOLISER has been designed for ease of maintenance, with all parts being easily replaced.  The ECONOLISER range includes sterlization units for other meat processing tools such as the Hock Cutter, Brisket Saw and others.

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