Econoliser Carcass Splitter Steriliser

Designed to replace the traditional constant flow or water bath type steriliser.

Carcass splitting saw (buster) steriliser (front view)


  • Water is only used during the sterilisation cycle, representing a massive reduction in water and energy compared to constant flow or water bath types
  • Designed to fully comply with European legislation on equipment sterilisation
  • A short jet of high pressure water blasts fat and debris from the area where the saw blade enters the body of the tool, preventing build-up and allowing efficient sanitisation
  • Tool is left cleaner than with traditional methods
  • Virtually no steam, to condense on equipment and drip onto meat
  • Uses absolutely no water when production line is not running
  • Virtually no ambient heat produced, reducing running cost in refrigerated areas
  • Activated by insertion of the carcass splitter saw, easy and safe for operators to use
  • Fully automatic operation, produce consistent test results with all operators
  • Temperature and cycle time adjustable for optimum efficiency
  • Designed with ease of servicing in mind to minimise down-time
  • 2mm 304 grade stainless steel construction- robustly built for abattoirs
  • Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland, sold worldwide


  • Basic unit for areas with an 82⁰C water ring main
  • Electric unit for areas with inconsistent or <82⁰C water supply
  • Basic and electric units can be supplied free standing or mountable
  • Suitable for Jarvis Busters 4 and 5 and Kentmaster equivalent

We recommend Duncan Fabrication for installation of our products.