ABP Lurgan Abattoir

ABP Sterliser Solution

The Problem

ABP Lurgan undertook a detailed analysis of water and gas and identified that the constant production of 90°C water was an area where they needed to make savings while also reducing environmental impacts.

In addition, they were concerned about the effectiveness of their traditional, hot-bath type sterilisers in achieving the highest levels of equipment sterilisation.  ABP are also constantly looking for ways to improve their operator working conditions and the hot-bath sterilisers were a source of constant heat and humidity to their workers.

Our Solution

ABP is always keen to work with their suppliers to develop technology solutions and was involved with us from the outset in developing the product concept. We were particularly keen to develop a solution that reduces the environmental impact of excessive use of heated water while also delivering cost savings, improving overall sterilisation quality and removing the presence of baths of very hot water beside the operator.

The design of the Econoliser met this brief effectively and ABP Lurgan are one of our longest standing users, with 65 sterilisers now in use for over six years. We have worked with ABP over this period to make occasional performance improvements to the Econoliser and the Lurgan site has acted as an effective case-study to encourage other plants within the ABP Group to adopt the Econoliser as their primary knife sterilisation solution.

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