Kepak Kilbeggan Abattoir


The Problem

Kepak Kilbeggan had become increasingly dissatisfied with their heated bath style sterilisers. Not only were they hard to control from the perspective of water temperature but they were also becoming unhygienic over a typical shift.

The water would become dirty and unwanted material would build up on the surface, so making it unlikely that the knives were being effectively sterilised. This was being mentioned increasingly by auditors.

Our Solution

Kepak looked at three alternative solutions as potential replacements for the open bath sterilisers, Ultra Violet, Cold Chemicals and the Econoliser. All three solutions were installed and used in the same operation in their plant and, after a thorough evaluation, the Econoliser was selected as the best overall solution.

Not only did the Econoliser sterilise the knives effectively but it also emerged as offering the lowest capex cost and running cost of all the solutions.

Kepak now have 33 Econolisers installed and have found them a sound investment.

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