Foyle Food Group Gloucester

Foyle Food Group

The Problem

Foyle Food Group acquired their new plant in Gloucester in 2013 and immediately set about a complete refit of the abattoir to meet their latest specifications.

Foyle were already users of the Econoliser in N.Ireland and took the opportunity to install Econolisers across the abattoir operations in preference to the traditional bath type units that were being phased out across all Foyle locations.  At Gloucester, the original setup needed two boilers just to heat enough water to maintain the flow of water needed by the bath type sterilisers.

Our Solution

For Foyle, the primary driver in moving to the Econoliser is the immediate saving to be achieved from a significant reduction in the volume of 82°C water that needs to be heated to service their Sterilisers.

The company were able to move from using two boilers to heat their water to only one even though the volume of cattle processed in the abattoir was increasing five-fold.  The company have 31 Econolisers in operation at Gloucester and expect to expand the plant shortly to deal with increased demand.

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