Ballymena Meats Cutting Plant

The Problem

Ballymena Meats have been in business since 1966 and opened a new, state-of-the-art Cutting Plant in 2018 with a capacity of 400 cattle per week.

The company were keen to install the very latest technologies to ensure their operations were as efficient and compliant as possible and didn’t like the fact that traditional, bath-type sterilisers were sitting all day ‘like a boiling kettle’.

Not only were these seen as inefficient but they also produced excessive steam, causing condensation and were unpopular with operators.

Our Solution

Installing the Econolisers was an obvious choice for Ballymena Meats. They are by far the most efficient equipment sterilisation solution on the market, delivering savings of up to 90% in hot water consumption and therefore significant savings in energy consumption.

The Econolisers have been running perfectly since their installation, are popular with operators and produce none of the steam that can cause condensation, a potential source of contamination.

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