British Premium Meats London

British Premium Meats

The Problem

British Premium Meats are a high-volume catering butcher serving a wide range of clients in Hospitality, Contract Catering, the Education Sector and Healthcare. The company’s plant in Welwyn Garden City, just north of London, has been awarded BRC Accreditation Grade AA and they are always keen to identify and adopt the latest technologies to ensure their operations are running to the highest standards.

British Premium Meats had been using traditonal, hot bath, sterilisers for their knives but were unhappy with the amount of steam and associated condensation that these caused. They were also using chemicals to sterilise their knives at different stages in their operations since they were not sure that hot baths were doing the job effectively.

Our Solution

The company saw our Econolisers online and immediately identified that they would solve their problems.  Using the Econoliser, there is no need to have a constant open bath of steaming water so condensation has disappeared.

The Econoliser allows the operators to effectively sterilise their knives quickly and effectively when needed, but don’t need the constant flow of hot water required for the traditional bath-type sterilisers, so also saving costs.

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