ABP Newry Abattoir

ABP Sterliser Solution

The Problem

ABP Newry are constantly seeking to reduce their carbon footprint through the reduction in usage of energy and natural resources.  The traditional bath type sterilisers used in the Newry abattoir were identified as a major cost, needing a constant feed of 90°C ring mains water which was then going straight to treatment.

The heating of this water required the operation of what the company considered to be excessive boiler capacity.

Our Solution

The Econolisers were chosen mainly because of the dramatic reduction in energy consumption that they offered.  ABP particularly liked the fact that the Econolisers only use water when they are actually sterilising the knife, with no need to maintain a heated bath of often contaminated water at the operators work station.  ABP Newry already had a feed of 90°C water at their operating stations so they were able to quickly implement the original, non-electric version of the Econoliser.

The company are now evaluating the use of the electric version of the Econoliser so that they do not have to maintain a feed of 90°C water to the operator stations, so saving further on boiler capacity and energy costs.

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