Pilgrim Foods Boston

Pilgrim Food Service

The Problem

Pilgrim Foodservice are a growing company based in Lincolnshire, England.  Due to expansion, the company were building a new butchery facility and were keen to install the latest and most advanced equipment from the outset.

They had looked at traditional bath type sterilisers but were concerned by the buildup of residues on the surface of the water which had the potential to contaminate cleaned knives rather than sterilising them.  In addition, they simply didn’t like the idea of having a bath of hot water constantly adding steam to the atmosphere.

Our Solution

Pilgrim Foodservice’s search for a better solution led them to specify the Econoliser and these are now meeting their requirements well.  They particularly like the fact that the units use as little water as possible and are only activated at the point then the operator needs to sterilise their knife.

The design of the Econoliser means that there is no build-up of residue and the knives are more effectively sterilised than is the case with the bath style units.  Pilgrim also like the fact that the design of the Econoliser with easily removable components makes the units simple to maintain.

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